HAMILIUS - Documentary (Trailer)

Hamilius - Hiphop Culture in Luxembourg is my first long feature film. This 90 minutes documentary started in 2008 with a photo shooting with different local hiphopartists that I was in touch with. After a few month, the idea came up to my mind to contact differet production companies to produce my film. I finally caught up with Antevita Films. The film was released in the luxembourgisch theaters in 2010. The film is also available on DVD since 2011.

A film by Alain Tshinza
edited by Jean-Luc Simon, colorgrading by Raoul Nadalet
produced by Antevita Films (c)2010
Hamilius is a film about Hiphop Culture in Luxembourg.
The film was shot over a span of 1 year and a half all over the country of Luxembourg, parts in Germany and Belgium.
All the graphic design was made by Alpha Toshineza.
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